About Us

The Comstock Firemen’s Museum operates as a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempt organization under the historic Liberty Engine Company No. 1 organization name.

The mission of Liberty Engine Co. No. 1/Comstock Firemen’s Museum is to preserve, display and interpret firefighting apparatus and artifacts, and present the rich history and heritage of firefighting in Storey County with primary emphasis on Virginia City and Gold Hill, and the impact on life and culture in those communities and the state.

The trustees of the Comstock Firemen’s Museum are all members of the Storey County Volunteer Fire Department-Virginia City District, and are the officers of Liberty Engine Company No. 1:

Joe Curtis
Steve Frady
Jack Greenhalgh
Ron Irwin
Marshal McBride
Mike Nevin
Cherie Nevin

The museum organization began in 1976-77, and remains as a standing committee of the Storey County Volunteer Fire Department-Virginia City District. The committee was charged with finding a suitable public location for the artifacts and fire apparatus of the historic fire companies of Virginia City and Gold Hill. The committee was granted non-profit status as Liberty Engine Company No. 1. Through an arrangement with the Storey County Commission, this group opened the Comstock Firemen’s Museum on July 4, 1979 appropriately in the old brick building the Virginia City Fire Department had occupied from 1930-1962.

The Comstock Firemen’s Museum/Liberty Engine Company No. 1 is a proud member of the following organizations:

California Firemen’s Muster Association
Comstock Cemetery Foundation
Nevada Museums Association
The Fire Museum Network