Your Generous Financial Donation Supports the Museum

The Comstock Firemen’s Museum/Liberty Engine Co. No. 1 relies upon the generosity of our visitors and people like you to maintain the museum and its priceless collections. The museum is a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit organization.
Charitable contributions are used to preserve and maintain the collection, maintain and improve the museum building that dates to 1862, support museum operations, and provide a financial commitment for the future of the museum operation and preservation of its collections.

Your Charitable Donation Is Tax Deductible

Charitable donations can be made in any amount and at any time by sending a check to:
Liberty Engine Co. No. 1
P.O. Box 466
Virginia City, NV 89440

Planned Giving

Other ways in which to contribute to the future of the Comstock Firemen’s Museum include planned giving in which a donor makes provision for their family, and then designates resources for the charities they cherish, reducing their tax liability now and in the future. Be sure to talk with your attorney and or accountant about a planned giving gift to the museum. Such gifts can be in the form of bequests through a will or revocable living trust; U.S. Savings Bonds (because the museum is tax exempt, it receives the full value of the bonds); IRAs and qualified retirement plans like 401(K)s; designation of the fire museum as owner and/or beneficiary of a paid up life insurance policy that is not longer needed for its original purpose, and other means that may be suggested by your attorney and or accountant.

Donation of Artifacts & Photographs

Liberty Engine Company No. 1/Comstock Firemen’s Museum actively seeks donation of items and photographs for our museum collection that meet and are within our mission statement. The mission statement helps set limits for the collection which saves the museum time, space, money and other resources.

Specific Areas Of Collection

The primary scope of the collections of the Comstock Firemen’s Museum is fire apparatus, artifacts, photographs and documents from the fire companies and departments of Virginia City, Gold Hill and Storey County. The secondary scope is artifacts, photographs and documents from fire companies and departments from throughout the state of Nevada, that may be representative objects that assist in illustration of the history of the fire companies and departments of Virginia City, Gold Hill and Storey County in general.

The Comstock Firemen’s Museum Accessions Committee reviews all potential donations of items. Items temporarily accepted for “accession consideration,” shall not be considered part of the “permanent” collection of the museum until they meet the requirements set forth in the “Collection Policy,” and gain the approval of the Accessions Committee. And, there are times when we simply must decline the offer of an item. Our mission statement and collections policy help us to determine those times.


A fact sheet on donation of artifacts, photographs, etc. is available from the museum

Liberty Engine Co. No. 1
P.O. Box 466
Virginia City, NV 89440
(775) 847-0717